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Our Consultant's Profiles

Christine has more than 10 years experience in managing A projects. She is a certified project manager and trained in systemic coaching. Since 2007 she works as freelance consultant / trainer / coach.

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Gabriela is specialist in the field of innovation and product management. She has more than 10 years of experience in the planning, development, and market introduction of highly innovative technology products.

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Consulting Project Examples

July 2007 til May 2008
Introduction and worldwide roll-out of marketing strategy @ Infineon Technologies, Munich Germany

September til November 2008Executive coaching of head of sales “Introduction of a document management system” @ Cegelec Deutschland GmbH (on behalf of MTI).

January 2009 til September 2011Project coaching and trainings with focus of increasing effectiveness in project management processes  @ KME Group Germany (on behalf of MTI).

since October 2010A series of Project Management basic training sessions @ Rational AG, Landsberg Germany (on behalf of artaro).

April 2009 til September 2012Intensive Project Management training, coaching, and a series of executive project management seminars  @ Aschendorff Verlagsgruppe, Münster Germany (on behalf of MTI).

Essay "Prrofessionalization of the project managemnt at Aschendorff through training in combination with coaching"

Oktober til December 2009Innovation Consulting and Process Facilitation regarding market targeting for a highly innovative guesture recognition technology @ Ident Technology AG, Weßling Germany.

October 2010Sales Leadership Program in English and German Language @ MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, München (on behalf of MTI).

June 2011 and September 2012Project Management and Project Financing @ Mitsubishi International GmbH, Düsseldorf (on behalf of MTI).

August and September 2012Business plans for internal projects @ Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Braunschweig Germany (on bezhalf of MTI).

June 2012Negotiation Techniques @ Diehl Controls Polska, Wroclaw Sp.z.o.o. in English Language (on behalf of MTI).

October 2012Project Management Seminar @ Thyssen-Krupp-Steel AG, Essen Germany (on behalf of MTI).

June 2011 til November 2012Negotiation Techniques within a competitive and solution oriented market @ Alstom Power Service GmbH, Mannheim Germany (on behalf of MTI).

Further Project examples you can get upon request.