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Your Challenges

Examples Project Coaching

Through intensive preliminary discussions with you and your project managers we identify your improvement potential and based on that we put together the right proceeding to achieve your goals.

Reasons for Project Coaching could be:the following questions:
  • Project objectives to be clearly developed and defined: How do I deal with trade-offs?
  • Stakeholder Management: How do I involve others in a reasonable manner?
  • How to master complexity? How to develop and conrol Work Breakdown Structures, Project Schedules, Project Cost Plans and Resource Plans?
  • How can we handle the Project Risks?
  • How do we communicate properly and how should we report to the managment effectively?
  • The project manager as a "Leader". How can I run the project effectively without disciplinary responsibility?
  • Dealing with resistance and emotions: How can I win the supervisors  of my project team members for me in a matrix organization?
  • How can I resolve target conflicts between the lineorgansisation and the project?
Our Standard
We measure the quality of our consulting assignments very strong mind against achieving the right balance between consulting and facilitation. A project coach must keep always a neutral view at his work. He or she must not tangle in substantive project issues and must take over operating responsibility.  You as a customer can grab at your own convenience qualitatively and quantitatively sophisticated expertise we bring in as experienced project managers.

Our Services

Modules of Interventions

Introduction of new Structures and Tools If a new project structure in form of processes, roles and tools should be installed and established in the target system, professional advice is needed on the one hand; on the other hand also a clean process of change must be applied if the new structure in the long run should be successful.
Consulting in the fields of Project and Innovation Management We like to share our many years of experience in the development of highly innovative products with you. Based on our extensive practical know-how we support your organization by the introduction of new products, services, organizational structures and processes.  If desired, we conduct market analyses and derive meaningful steps for your business success.  
Individual and Group CoachingOur systemic coaching approach helps you to break through deadlocked patterns and situations and to identify new options for action. Through our coaching, the viewing angle increases and extends the perception and the personal behavior alternatives of the project manager, the project team and also the parent bodies. The basis of our work is a resource-oriented attitude to people instead of a deficit-oriented consideration.
Process FacilitationProcess facilitation includes field-tested procedures and techniques to get at a wealth of information, opinions and influences to proper decisions, which are accepted and supported by all those involved. Uniform information level, decision-making transparency, and will for implementation will occur. 
Presence Trainings, Webinars, and E-LearningOur training courses are based on the internationally recognized and widely used project management standard of the project management Institute (PMI ®). Primary your knowledge of project management methods and tools is going to be improved through our training sessions. In addition we work with you on the enormously important soft skills, such as leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills.